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Gran Canaria Beekeepers Association

If Gran Canaria could be seen from the stratosphere, it would emerge from the Atlantic Ocean almost as a perfect circle. The majority of the island relief, formed by strong volcanic rocks, is located in its central part. Besides, the heavy contrasts and wide diversity found while you continue visiting the rest of the island make Gran Canaria an authentic continent in miniature. On a single day, it is possible to go from the warm coast to the interior mild temperatures, to cross subtropical valleys and forests or to reach summits above 1,000 meters. All with an average temperature of 24 degrees throughout the year because of the  trade winds, ocean currents and its singular orography.

The Canarian Black Bee is a little genetic surprise. Being in the Islands for about 200 thousand years, this breed of bee has achieved a high level of adaptation to the excellent environment, offering high levels of productivity and also becoming the beekeeper’s sustenance furthermore its level of tameness, ensures the absence of aggressiveness, which is an essential aspect in a territory like the Canary Islands, where it is very complicated to have exploitations far from neighbourhoods. The demand of Canarian black bee queens outside the islands has become an interesting business opportunity for local producers.

Nowadays more than 11,000 beehives are active in Gran Canaria producing an average of 15 kg of honey per year each one, barely reaching 25 percent of the product’s demand on the island. Honey from Gran Canaria is considered one of the best honeys all over the world, since it has won many international awards.

If you are a beekeeper and plan to visit the island or want more information about beekeeping in the Canary Islands, please do not hesitate to  contact us.

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